BancorpSouth Arena and Conference Center Policies

Still picture cameras are permitted for some events. Signs will be posted at the entrances regarding the status of still camera photography for each event. Video cameras are almost never allowed.

Banners may not be hung anywhere in the Arena by anyone other those given written authorization to do so by the Arena.

Child’s Admission Policy
Everyone, twenty-four (24) months and older, attending events at the Arena must have a ticket. (exception on some family shows)

Backstage, Official, & Press Photographer Credentials are nontransferable and only allowed in those locations and times indicated on the credentials.

Damaging of Shrubs or Plants and Defacement of the Complex
No person shall cut, mutilate, or remove any trees, shrubs, flowers, plants, top soil, or sod located at the Complex unless authorized by the Arena.

Firearms are not permitted on the grounds of the BancorpSouth Arena except those held by on duty, uniformed law enforcement officials of the State of Mississippi.

Limitation on Use of the Complex
No person shall enter or remain on the ground of the Complex unless that person is a patron, business invitee, licensee or employee at the Arena.

Hitchhiking, Loitering and Soliciting Prohibited
The soliciting of rides, loitering, selling of goods and the soliciting of funds or services is prohibited in any area of the complex.

Unauthorized Vending and Distributing Prohibited
Except as authorized by the Arena, no person shall enter or remain on the premises of the Complex for the purpose of selling, offering to sell, leasing or distributing of any goods, merchandise, literature or services.

Complex Admission to Facilities/Anti-Scalping Policies and Procedures
No person, including minors, shall be admitted to any event in the arena, or any other project of the Arena without holding a valid ticket to the event. Resale of event tickets is not permitted in the vicinity of the box office. Selling tickets in excess of face value (scalping) is illegal in the State of Mississippi. Anyone with information on scalping should report it to the Tupelo Police Department.

No persons, including minors, shall be permitted to attend events at the Arena or additional projects at the complex unless properly attired. The Arena reserves the right to determine proper attire for events at the complex.

Possession Prohibited
Unless authorized by the Arena, no person shall be admitted into the facility with any of the following items in his possession:

  • Alcoholic beverages or controlled substances (unless prescribed for the possessor).
  • Cameras, audio or visual recording equipment, radios, televisions or any other such electronic devices, except when authorized.
  • Pets.
  • Bottles, either plastic or glass.
  • Shopping Carts.
  • Cans or Coolers.

Food and Beverages
Unless authorized by the Arena, the carrying of food or beverages into the facility of the complex is prohibited.

No person shall bring any object into the Arena with intent to use or which may be used as a weapon or projectile.

No patron shall make, give, offer or promise, directly or indirectly, either in his own behalf or on behalf of another, in cash or in kind payment to any employee in excess of the amount charged and posted for the parking, admission, security/safety or other services provided by the Arena.